Gilmer Inn - Debit Card Ripoff

Livingston, New Jersey 2 comments
Not resolved

We stayed at The Gilmer Inn in Gilmer Texas on 10/14/2012.My wife trimmed the back of my hair, I failed to pickup the last few strands.

They took an additional $200.00 from our debit card. When I called back to explain she said I ether had a dog or acted like one. We don't have a dog as we travel at lease four times a year. I have filed a complaint with the BBB.

The police said it was a civil case and sent bit back .I wonder if a police or city official owns the place

Review about: Motel Rental.



I heard they took the housekeepers word for it, without verification from management that there was a pet in the the housekeeper getting kickbacks for every successful false accusation?


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